Positive Pay FAQs



What is Positive Pay?
Positive Pay is a powerful fraud prevention tool used by business customers to protect against check fraud. Unity Bank’s Positive Pay Service helps your business detect suspicious transactions, reducing the risk of financial loss and safeguarding the reputation of your business.

How does Positive Pay work?
Your user uploads a file containing issued check data into the Positive Pay system. Checks presented for payment against your account are compared to those issued by the business. Any check not on the issued check list (and potentially fraudulent) is sent to you as an exception for examination. The user logs in to the Positive Pay system, reviews the exception item and makes a "pay" or "return" decision for each item.

What happens if someone tries to cash a check at a Unity Bank branch?
The entire Unity Bank branch network is covered by Positive Pay protection. Any checks presented to a teller in a branch are compared to your company’s issued check file. If the check does not match the information in the file, Unity Bank will contact your business for authorization to cash the check. Calls are made during normal banking hours, Monday through Friday.

How will our business be notified if there are exceptions to be processed?
You will receive notice by email if there are exceptions to be processed. The initial email is sent prior to 8:00 AM EST. A final reminder email is sent at 10:00 am, prior to the exception processing deadline (11:00 am).

What time is the exception processing deadline?
The exception processing deadline is 11:00 AM EST.

What happens if a decision is not made to exceptions by 11:00 AM?
To safeguard your account, exceptions not processed by 11:00 AM EST will receive an automatic decision of "return".

Can multiple users access Positive Pay?
Yes. Your business will designate an administrator of the Positive Pay service. The administrator can add additional authorized users with specific user permissions with access by account and by function.

What file formats does Unity Bank accept for issued check files?
The file format types that can be uploaded into the Positive Pay system is an Excel comma delimited file that will be provided to the user.

What information is needed in the issued check file?
Only 4 pieces of the check information are needed: Check Number, Issue Date, Payee and Amount. Please note: the file cannot contain items other than checks.

What if the file submitted contains items that are not checks?
If the issued check file contains other information, the system will ignore those items as long as they do not contain a Check Number, Issue Date, and Amount.

What if the wrong file is uploaded?
The bank can easily delete an incorrect file. If a file needs to be deleted, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800.618.2265

What if a check is written after a file has been submitted?
If a check is written after a file has been submitted, you can either send a new updated file or submit the check(s) using the “Add New Issued Check” option. This option will allow you to enter a single check or a series of checks without having to create and upload a new file.

How can Positive Pay help with Account Reconciliation?
With Positive Pay, mismatched or fraudulent checks are identified sooner, and account activity reconciled with increased accuracy. The Positive Pay system also includes a Check Reconciliation feature that shows a summary of issued, paid, voided, and outstanding checks.

Are there fees associated with Positive Pay?
The charge for Positive Pay is $35 per month. For a limited time, we are offering you a fee free trial. Please contact your branch representative or our Customer Service Center at 800.618.2265 for more information.

How do I sign up for Positive Pay?
To sign up for Positive Pay, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800.618.2265 or visit any one of our branch offices. A staff member will meet with your business to review the service and your specific needs.